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Welcome to Chain Scaffolding Limited

Chain Scaffolding Limited is a leading provider of residential, commercial, industrial scaffolding, rigging, shrinkwrap and falsework services.

We pride ourselves on our ability to service a full spectrum of customers from home DIY jobs to major industrial projects across the wider Taranaki region.  Regardless of the size of your job, please call us anytime on 06 758 7991 or 0800 2 CHAIN

Chain Scaffolding Limited is a Division of NZ Scaffolding Group. 

NZ Scaffolding Group is one of New Zealands largest and fastest growing providers of scaffolding and related services. 

NZ Scaffolding Group employs over 130 staff nationwide and has over 2,000 tonnes of scaffolding and propping equipment at its disposal.

NZ Scaffolding Group Companies Health & Safety Accreditations:

Commercial Scaffolding Hire

We have one of Taranaki's largest scaffolding capabilities and offer superior expertise, competitive prices, and prompt delivery. Click here to find out more...

Residential Scaffolding Hire

We have fixed and mobile scaffolding for all residential projects such as painting, building, cleaning and roofing. Click here to find out more...